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Exploring Sustainable Living Practices in California: RBP for Blue Dot Living

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Exploring Sustainable Living Practices With Blue Dot Living

A recent assignment for Blue Dot Living brought me to Southern California to capture and illustrate stories of sustainable living practices around the region. Collaborating with editors Lily Olsen and Nicki Miller, I documented dynamic local stories they covered, from urban farming to seed starting and electric biking to urban foraging. The photographs, featured in Blue Dot Living’s newly launched LA and San Diego online magazines, explore the unique spirit of California’s sustainable lifestyle and the locals who embody it.

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Local Organic Seeds are Taking Root in San Diego

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As an avid gardener, it was a natural fit that many of the stories we covered during my trip were about sustainable growing practices and food. According to Brijette Pena, founder of San Diego Seed Company, most growers need to comply more with their seed growing.

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Her trick is simple; plant local organic seeds. Planting local seeds ensures the plants are more likely to survive because they are best suited to the environmental conditions of that area. Brijette started San Diego Seed Company in 2010, intending to provide growers with seeds acclimated to the microclimate of their growing area, and she’s working to educate her community and offer local organic seeds to as many people as possible. Read the article here to learn more about Brijette and her seeds. 

A Community-Based Solution to Bike Repair and Waste Reduction

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Bike repair has a sustainable makeover thanks to Bikes del Pueblo’s unique approach. Bikes del Pueblo puts the tools directly in the hands of their customers by providing technical assistance and education on how peddlers can repair their bikes. This all-volunteer-run organization diverts used bikes and parts from ending up in landfills by collecting the old parts and repurposing them.

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Customers use old bike parts to repair their broken bikes on their own, with a little advice and assistance from the Bikes del Pueblo team. This creative solution benefits the environment by reducing waste and supports the local community by making affordable transportation accessible. Read the full story on the Blue Dot website here

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The Potential of Backyard Farming in San Diego

Meet the eco-enthusiast who has turned her backyard into a sustainable oasis, where every inch of land is utilized to promote and experience a greener way of life and raise food for her family.

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Kristen has created the ultimate backyard farm in Lemon Grove, just a few miles outside San Diego. With a small property on the outskirts of town, she raises chickens for eggs, installed solar panels to reduce her electrical bills, and grows oranges, lemons, and peaches. She also has a newly acquired cistern to collect rainwater to help relieve pressure on the water supply caused by the drought in San Diego.

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Kristen’s yard is a testament to the potential of urban farming in a city like San Diego with limited land and resources. She has created a resilient food source for her family and is a source of inspiration, showing that anyone can make a difference through small changes in an urban backyard. 

Electric Biking For The Whole Family With Blue Dot Living

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Tired of the endless wait in the school drop-off and pick-up lines, Stacy took matters into her own hands and embraced the electric bike revolution. Now, with her Rad Power e-bike, she pedals her kids to and from school and waits in line for only a few minutes.

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The advent of innovative technology and versatile bike attachments has made electric bikes a practical choice for families like Stacy’s. Benjamin and Siena can ride the bike with their Mom with a safe and comfortable attachment. This eco-friendly mode of transportation reduces her daily carbon footprint, alleviates traffic congestion, and creates a healthier, more enjoyable family experience.

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Stacy’s peddle to and from school has already inspired other parents in her area to make the switch and is helping to build a future where school lines are filled with bikes instead of cars. Read the article here.

Driving with Tony: Exploring LA’s Eco-Friendly Future in the Kia Niro

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Uber driver and Podcast host Tony Pierce is looking to swap out his gas-guzzling vehicle for an electric one. His goal is to transport his passengers around the city in a more sustainable fashion.

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We joined him in testing the Kia Niro and spent the afternoon hotel hopping in Santa Monica. Our primary purpose of the drive was to introduce Tony, who will have an ongoing feature in the magazine called Driving With Tony, where he will interview local celebrities in different electric vehicles. Read the article here, and check back to see which electric vehicle Tony chooses and with who.

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Pasadena Urban Foraging: Christopher Nyerges for Blue Dot Living

In his commitment to promoting self-reliance and sustainable living, Christopher Nyerges goes beyond the confines of grocery stores to explore the bountiful edible treasures within Pasadena, a city just 11 miles outside of Los Angeles.

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As a teacher and author of 22 books specializing in native, medicinal, and wild edible plant identification, Christopher’s passion lies in educating others about the rich resources available in the urban landscape. During our wild food walk, Christopher identified edible plants like the prickly pear cactus, lemon balm, and wild arugula, all possessing valuable health benefits.

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Engaging in the practice of urban foraging fosters a profound connection with nature. It empowers individuals to become more self-reliant while contributing to reducing food waste and building a more sustainable food system. 

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Blue Dot Living San Diego and Los Angeles online magazines recently launched. Watch for these and other exciting articles to get inspired to positively impact the environment and your community. To explore more of our photography, view our editorial or lifestyle portfolios.