Winton Marsalis Trumpeter
Designer Sylvie Farrington of Sylvie Bags
Author Geraldine Brooks
Illustrator Laurie Krasny Brown
Producer + Performer Arnie Reisman
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Actor Tony Shalhoub
East Sound Lane
Fisherman Louie Larsen
Hog + Vegetable Farmers Jefferson Monroe + Zephir Plume
Author Edward Hoagland
Clarence 'Trip' Barnes III
Officer Savannah Hooe
Architect Jim Bradberry
Chef Caleb Lara
Cookbook Author Susie Middleton
Shellfish Biologist Rick Karney
Natasha Huffam RN
Metal Sculptor Anthony Holland
Agents Robin + Jeremy Stein
Selectman John Alley

Editorial and Advertising Photography, Randi Baird Photography

Every image tells a story.

Not only are we photographers, we are storytellers. In addition to working with families and businesses we work with media outlets and advertising agencies to capture powerful images that evoke emotion and curiosity, that drive engagement and consideration. It is our job to effectively illustrate and interpret stories and ideas through photographs; when there is no story it is our job to present the image in a way where the story can emerge on its own.


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