The weather man predicted a storm arriving on-island that day. The wind was blowing 15 knots, but that didn’t stop Savanah + Emery and their folks. They were excited for one of my portrait sessions and seeing what pictures we could create together. I LOVE photographing with over cast skies. It makes a color photograph glow and people don’t squint. Also, the beaches are usually quiet which makes for a simple background. Emery, their 11 month old, was very serious during the entire session and didn’t shine me a smile the entire hour on the beach. Then, when we were about to leave, he couldn’t help himself but to turn on a smile after mom’s cuddling and dad’s toss in the air. Kids just LOVE that! And I just love photographing in whatever weather is called up on the menu that day. It is all unique and wonderful and has it’s own exceptional characteristics of merit.