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Picture of Randi Baird

Randi Baird

Horses + Ballerinas in Chilmark, MA.

The teen ages gracefully and develops interests and aspirations that they start to excel in and develop during the high school years. I’ve had the good fortune to photograph these two young ladies since they were in their single digits in every town on the island. When Kristen called last summer and said we want to do something different for their family portrait and ask for location suggestions – I new the perfect spot! This photo shoot happened last August and I just noticed that it has been in my blog cue for almost 12 months. I am posting it now as this is also about the time of the summer that the McCumbers call every year and say – “Hey Randi ~ we’re on-island again and you have to capture the moment for us!” C+K , I’m ready for your call and have a great new location for your clan.