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For The Love Of Engagement Sessions

With all the recent marriage proposals over the holidays* and Valentine’s Day fast approaching – love is in the air, and our studio is buzzing with plans for engagement sessions. When two people commit their lives to one another, it’s a time to be celebrated and, of course, documented! 

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First comes love, then comes marriage… after the engagement photos, of course!

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As photographers, we get to see a lot of couples at some of the most exciting times of their lives, and newly engaged couples remain some of our favorite subjects. They’re about to begin the next chapter of their lives together, smiling ear to ear from the excitement of what’s to come and the joy of the recent proposal. There’s no better time to get in front of the camera to capture this special time.

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Engagement sessions are the best way to capture that new and exciting feeling into a lasting memento. We also help to curb couples’ camera jitters, so they’re that much more at ease once the big day rolls around. 

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We’ll make them comfortable with our shooting style and build their camera confidence. There’s no guests, no strict agenda, and no distractions, just two people in love in a beautiful location appreciating their time together. Fun is the name of our game!

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We encourage them to get lost in the moment and forget that the camera is even there.

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In advance of the shoot, we’ll ask how the couple met, their proposal story, thoughts on the wedding, and romantic ideas for their session. We’ve spent years finding the best shoot locations, and we help each couple choose the right spot for their style and personality.

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Be it woodland, coastal, rustic or chic–we’ll help them select the perfect backdrop, unique to their personality and the season.

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During the session, we’ll embrace the provocative, the sexy, and the sentimental, but above all, we want our clients to get lost in the moment. We want couples to feel relaxed and confident, so we remain in the background, giving occasional tips and direction. Throughout our sessions, our goal is to make couples relax so they can enjoy each other honestly and intimately.

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The shoot itself is just as important as the photos we’ll capture to remember it by. We always get excited to hear about the sweet and creative ways our clients have used their photos: save-the-date invitations, wedding guest books, and websites.

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Some clients have even displayed them alongside wedding photos of their parents and grandparents at the reception–we love how sweet and sentimental they can be. Whatever the reason, wherever they end up, they’re evidence of a special day together and an unforgettable period that should be treasured forever.

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Recently engaged, or do you know someone getting married? Get in touch, and we’ll get collaborating. Also, make sure to read our blog post on Next Steps After a Proposal to ease your mind about the planning process.