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Capturing the Magic: Summer Engagement Sessions on Martha’s Vineyard

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Martha’s Vineyard, with its scenic landscapes and idyllic settings, is a dream destination for couples looking to capture the magic of their engagement. From serene beaches to charming lighthouses, the island offers countless breathtaking backdrops for an engagement. For over 20 years, Randi Baird Photography has been preserving these special moments for couples, each with their unique love story and engagement session. We recently caught up with several of our clients to share their real-life Martha’s Vineyard engagement stories and recommendations!


Lighthouse Engagement: Micheal and Kallie

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Their Engagement Story: Micheal and Kallie, who recently moved to Providence, had many New England spots in mind for their engagement. Micheal wanted a unique and scenic location, and Martha’s Vineyard stood out as the perfect choice. Micheal planned a romantic dinner near the Edgartown Lighthouse. Before dinner, he suggested a walk to the lighthouse, where Randi was discreetly waiting to capture the moment. The surprise on Kallie’s face was beautifully documented, reflecting the spontaneity and excitement of their relationship.

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Favorite Moments: Micheal shared, “I loved the initial moment being captured, and the look of surprise when Kallie realized what was happening. Despite the high emotions, Randi provided gentle guidance, ensuring the photos were stunning.”

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Photographer’s Contribution: He added, “Randi’s expertise helped immortalize our special moment. The emotions we felt are evident in the photos, allowing us to relive that day over and over.”

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Advice for Other Couples: Micheal recommends, “Seek Randi’s advice on the best spots for an engagement session. Her knowledge of the island and her ability to communicate the best poses and locations were invaluable.”

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Martha’s Vineyard Engagement: Larry and Donnelly

Their Engagement Story: For Larry and Donnelly, the Vineyard is a “happy place” filled with natural beauty and fond memories. They decided to get married there, making it the perfect setting for their engagement session as well. After a surprise engagement party in DC, their engagement session took place on a chilly March day in Oak Bluffs. With no specific plan, they relied on Randi’s direction, capturing their fun and spontaneous dynamic.

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Favorite Moments: Larry recalled, “Exploring various locations in Oak Bluffs, including the campground and pier, we enjoyed being goofy and natural. The session felt like a rite of passage, adding to the excitement of our upcoming wedding.”

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Photographer’s Contribution: He mentioned, “Randi made us feel at ease, helping us get comfortable with formal photography. Her ability to capture our authentic dynamic and make us feel confident was invaluable.”

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Advice for Other Couples: Larry advised, “Choose locations that hold personal significance, but also be open to new spots. Some of our favorite photos were taken at the OB Fishing Pier, which gained new meaning through our session.”

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Martha’s Vineyard Proposal: Haley and Tigue

Their Engagement Story: Haley’s family has a long history with the Vineyard, making it a place filled with cherished memories. Her husband knew it was special to her and chose it for their engagement. He proposed on the same beach Haley had visited every summer since childhood. Capturing their engagement on that beach, where she has photos as a baby, was priceless. They look forward to sharing these memories with their future children.

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Favorite Moments: Haley shared, “My favorite moment was realizing someone was there to capture the proposal. Seeing my husband’s face when he pulled off the surprise added to the joy of the moment.”

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Photographer’s Contribution: She added, “Randi was very accommodating with the location and time. She worked with my husband to coordinate the perfect setting and made us feel comfortable, ensuring beautiful and candid photos.”

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Advice for Other Couples: Haley suggests, “Coordinate with Randi for a seamless experience. Ensure you’re in an outfit you love for pictures, as you’ll cherish these photos forever.”

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Continued Journey: Years after their engagement session, Haley and Tigue returned to Martha’s Vineyard with their first child, capturing another precious chapter of their lives with Randi Baird Photography. Randi’s ability to preserve these milestones makes her an integral part of our clients’ life stories, from engagements to family moments. It’s a special experience to watch our clients’ lives unfold over the years!

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Surprise Proposal: Jake and Lainey

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Their Engagement Story: Jake and his fiancée love the Vineyard for its beauty and personal significance. It’s where they first vacationed alone and where they celebrate her birthday every year. Jake proposed on his fiancée’s birthday during their annual Memorial Day weekend trip. He arranged for their parents to join the celebration, making it even more special. Randi was there to capture the surprise and joy of the moment.

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Favorite Moments: Jake shared, “The successful surprise was a highlight for me. Randi’s flexibility allowed us to include our parents in some shots, making the session even more meaningful.”

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Martha's Vineyard Engagement session Randi Baird

Photographer’s Contribution: He added, “Randi’s guidance and seamless execution of the plan ensured everything went perfectly. She captured the moment’s essence, creating beautiful memories for us.”

Advice for Other Couples: Jake suggests, “Trust Randi to bring your engagement ideas to life. Her expertise and dedication will make your session everything you dreamed of and more.”

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Martha’s Vineyard is a magical place for capturing the joy and love of an engagement. With Randi Baird Photography, these moments are not just documented—they’re transformed into timeless memories. Picture yourselves against the backdrop of beautiful beaches, charming lighthouses, and the island’s hidden gems, all brought to life through Randi’s expert lens.

Ready to create your own unforgettable experience? Let Randi’s intimate knowledge of the island and her artistic vision guide you. Embrace the stories shared by our clients and take the first step toward your dream engagement session. Contact us today to book your session and transform your special moments into lasting memories.

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