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Randi Baird

Bee School April 1-3, 2011

Martha’s Vineyard first Bee school is being offered on April 1, 2, and 3rd 2011. Island Grown Intuitive is hosting the 12 Hr. seminar for beginner and intermediate beekeepers. The class is being taught by apiarist and educator Everett Zurlinden from RI. Mr. Zurlinden, the owner of BeeHavin’ Apiary, came to the island last year to present a 1 hr. workshop at the Living Local Harvest Festival. The 1 Hr. class was an overview of bees and the important role they play in our food system. The workshop was attended by many of the island beekeepers, many with a quest for more knowledge and guidance.

After the class, Mr. Zurlinden answered questions for 45 minutes and only left because he had to catch the ferry. Island Grown Bees coordinator, Randi Baird, asked Mr. Zurlinden if he would come back to the island next year to teach a course on organic beekeeping. This lead to a collaboration with BeeHavin’ Apiary and IGI this spring.

All classes will be held at the Ag Hall. The scheduled times are as follows:
April 1.: 7-9 pm
April 2: 9-12, 3-6pm
Sunday: noon-3pm

The weekend seminar is $100.
Sign up at the door or pre-register at
Scholarships are available.

Last May, Randi meet Everett in Woodshole to pick up nucs for beekeepers on MV. 22 hives were brought back to the island. This year IGI and Beehavin Apiary will bring these baby hives to the island again for all who order them this spring.