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Auspicious Day for Keya + John at Lucky’s Lounge in Boston

Sometimes the stars align just right, and you just get lucky. For Keya and John, that moment came during the July 4th weekend of 2013, when they met by chance at a bar called Lucky’s Lounge in Boston’s Seaport District. Keya was coming off a really tough week, during which her basement flooded, and decided to call up some girlfriends for a fun night out. They were supposed to go to the Legal Harborside’s rooftop bar, but it was closed, so they reveled in drinks and dancing at Lucky’s instead.

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John was there that night, and a gentleman he befriended that evening took an interest in Keya’s friend. Ever the loyal wingman, John made several attempts to talk to Keya while his new friend pursued her friend, and after finally meeting with success, John asked Keya out to dinner to Ming Tsai’s new restaurant, Blue Dragon.

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Unfortunately, things did not work out quite so well for John’s friend. Both Keya and John left Lucky’s that evening believing that the other hailed from Latin America, even though Keya’s heritage is Indian and John’s family came to America on the Mayflower.

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Thankfully, they were able to recognize each other a week later on their first date at Blue Dragon, and have been sharing their love of delightful restaurants and many other things for the past almost three years.

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Keya and John live in Acton, Massachusetts with Keya’s (and now John’s) five-year-old daughter, and are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding in their favorite destination—Martha’s Vineyard.

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