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36 Hours on Martha’s Vineyard: A Collaboration for The New York Times

Growing up, the New York Times was more than just a newspaper in my household – it was a gateway to a world of images and stories. It was also my dad’s daily check on the New York Stock Exchange and my mom’s inspiration for discovering the next best restaurant in the city. When the “36 Hours on Martha’s Vineyard” assignment memo landed in my inbox, it was a full circle moment to work on a project that would have my work find its place within the pages I read as a child. 

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This project was a collaboration with Remy Tumin, a seasoned journalist and writer behind the “36 Hours on Martha’s Vineyard” piece. The revival of the “36 Hours” column after the challenging times of the pandemic adds an extra layer of enthusiasm to this article. As travel sections were temporarily halted, the return of this column sparks a renewed sense of adventure and exploration. Remy’s deep understanding of Martha’s Vineyard, visually illustrated through my photographs, allowed us to create an article that celebrates the island’s natural charm, vibrant culture, and hidden gems while ensuring that our recommendations offer a glimpse into its wonders without revealing too many of its secrets. 

Whether you hold a physical copy or explore the online version, we hope the article inspires your future travels to Martha’s Vineyard.

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