Food Photography

Food is meaningful, and beautiful.

Having grown up in the cultural mecca that is New York City I have always been fascinated by food. My parents were the original foodies in the 1970s, constantly seeking inspiration from the weekly food reviews in the New York Times. Our Sunday outings were centered around the newest restaurant or most popular dish and we would travel from borough to borough in search of the best bite. Today I have the good fortune of living on Martha’s Vineyard where I have access to thoughtfully, locally sourced food, allowing me to maintain a meaningful relationship with what I eat.

At Randi Baird Photography we are drawn to the bold, rich colors and textures of food as natural ingredients, and the movement and composition that can emerge on a finished plate. Through photography we have the ability to capture food honestly and to tell the story of the journey of its creation. With careful consideration to lighting and stylized presentation, our images strike the perfect balance between photography and art.

For additional inspiration please check out my first cookbook, Simple Green Suppers.