Everyday Heroes

While many are hunkered down at home, avoiding the public for each other’s benefit, few brave risk and exposure every day to serve our community – these are the Faces from the Front Line. Day in and day out, hundreds of our residents, friends, and neighbors run into the fire, not away from it. By employing innovation and creativity, exhibiting strong leadership, adaptability, and relentless determination, these local heroes are stepping up to keep our community afloat during the pandemic, and I salute them. 
As a visual storyteller, my photographs have long served to communicate, educate, and inspire. With the pandemic gripping our world, I wanted to show the faces of the men and women who are working tirelessly to serve our community. Compelled to capture their selfless moments of service, I am honored to share their stories, highlight their efforts, and give a voice to these ‘Faces from the Front Line.’
From the hospital employees providing care to the sick, the delivery drivers hauling supplies to the Island, the grocery store employees stocking the shelves, the school cafeteria workers and pantry volunteers providing meals for our vulnerable families, there is an overwhelming number of people who are serving as critical lifelines to our community. Our collective health and well-being depend on the actions of these brave individuals who have been deployed across the Island, reminding us each day how critical it is for us to band together, especially in times of need. Their efforts speak volumes for their character and dedication, and their acts of compassion and generosity serve as a silver lining amid a crisis we will never forget.