Martha’s Vineyard Family Portrait & Wedding Photographer

Randi Baird is a Martha’s Vineyard-based editorial and commercial photographer with over thirty years of experience. As a visual storyteller, Randi has spent the last three decades using her photographs as a means for communicating, educating, and enacting social change. Her approach to photography is not simply capturing what she sees, but understanding how she sees it, and reflecting that distinction in her work. With a unique perspective, discerning eye, and relentless commitment to her art and her passions, Randi’s work serves as a thoughtful curation of her individuality and her deep-rooted connections to the world around her.

RBP Stories

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RBP Vineyard Decorators

At RBP, we embrace collaboration and creative synergy, and working with Vineyard Decorators has been just that. This is our second season photographing homes designed by Sophia Brush and her

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