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Randi Baird

Nico, his Dads and RBP do NYC!

I LOVE shooting in new locations, so when Joe called to book my services on the Vineyard during Thanksgiving week and knowing that I was going to be in NYC the weekend before and through the holiday, I suggested a cityscape for their photoshoot backdrop. It was better than perfect, they just moved to the city and I grow up there and have a love for all that is NY. Beyond that, I was staying one block away from their new abode.

Round 1: Action! We started at Lincoln center and just after 5 minutes I was asked to leave by a dark mustached burly policeman who informed me that I needed a permit. He pointed skyward to a 40th-floor window towering above Lincoln Center explaining how I can get one – free of charge – up there, but for now, I had to stop shooting or leave the premises. I guess my assistant Miles gave it away by holding a silver reflector bigger than his body. We did push the envelope a bit on our way out and took some pictures on the steps leading up to Avery Fisher Hall. We got some great images and then booked it across the street and headed uptown on Amsterdam Avenue and then east towards Central Park.

Round 2: Nico was in rare form, especially after the hot chocolate and cookie break, we all were, actually, but he was ready to go. Strolling through Central Park is great fun. It was sunny and 50 degrees. The yellow leaves still clung to the trees and the New Yorkers were out and as always- in rare form. We went to some of my favorites spots until we were ready for round three:

The Taxi: We hired a taxi for 10 minutes to use as a prop and backdrop on Riverside Drive. The sun was setting, the sky was turning crimson red and chimney orange, and Nico, Dan, and Joe were feeling so grateful to be back in NYC, and so was I.