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Randi Baird

Four Seasons at Island Cohousing

Last year, Nicki Miller, editor of the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine assigned writer Alexandra Bullen and yours truly, to photograph the Community Garden in West Tisbury for one year. It was a fabulous assignment and one that I was eager to take on.

This community garden is not only abundant and productive but its members eat year-round from its soil. In their winter hoop house, I found kale, mache, parsley, lettuce greens, tatsoi, swiss chard, and spinach growing when it was 24 degrees and snowy outside. 

Master gardener Lynn Weber has been growing fruits and vegetables for the last 65 years ( 5 years at coho) and has much wisdom to share. Alexandra interviewed several residents and was able to capture and write a wonderful story about these folks at that intentional place they call Icoho.