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Up-Island Adventure

Going up-island is a trek but even more so if your staying at the Winnetu Resort on South Beach. Clara, Greg, Zac and Becca were up for the ride to the western most point on the island, where sand, sea and the end of a moraine awaited.

The Joiners

Those eyes!

Photos are so revealing. Both Gavin and baby Tyler were irresistible to watch and so fabulous to photograph. They both had this glow of happiness and love in their eyes. And then I meet their parents and grandparents and yes… the apple does not fall far from the tree. What a lovely family you are. Thanks for allowing me to capture you in all your beauty and playfulness.

Dancing for Botswana

Defining Gravity was presented by modern dance company, She-figured Dance, as a benefit to support The Somarela Fund The fundraiser helped Somarela in their efforts to support (educate, clothe, vaccinate, teach, feed, and care) for HIV infected orphans in Botswana. (The site gives lots of information if you are looking for more.) The dancers involved were Claire Baione, Julie Caranddo, Jennifer Guercio, Jil Matrisciano, Quinn Morton, Daryl Owens, and Maggie Sarmiento.

It was fantastic capturing these talented artists as they moved, twisted and soared in flight.

A Family Reunites

All the way from Alberta, this tight knit Canadian family traveled across the boarder to Martha’s Vineyard to connect and unwind. I was very impressed with Danielle’s coordinating ability to get 1 infant, 3 toddlers, 8 kids and 8 adults cleaned up and in visually integrated colors all by 9:30 a.m to Edgartown from Katama. These Northerners were fabulous and I appreciated their athletic ability in helping my assistant Alex with getting the sun out of each others eyes. – Thanks guys!