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It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s our drone!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the last thirty years as photographers, it’s that we should never stop learning. After three decades in our line of work we’re still evolving, getting inspired, and always looking to expand our knowledge base. Last year we began embracing drone photography at home on the Island and overseas throughout our travels. We’ve been having a lot of fun with it–and our clients have too!

At RBP drone photography is another lens for us to look through, it’s another tool in our toolkit. We’ve always tried to capture things from different perspectives and drone photography automatically gives us a new outlook. From high above, aerial photography can capture more of the surrounding area in every shot.

On the Island that means more of our expansive beaches and lush landscapes, resulting in a whole new composition for our photos. Our high flying camera enables us to capture unique viewpoints of our subjects in a whole new way, and can tell the story of our subject more broadly, with more context.

With a bird’s eye view we see things in a way we could never see them before, creating images like we’ve never produced them before. In many ways it’s a more simplified view, in others it’s more complex. 

From high above we see patterns in the land appear, while the lines and shapes that make up our streets and neighborhoods seem almost abstracted from afar. The spatial relations of our subjects are changed, and in essence the plot of the photo thickens. Then of course there is the light, the all-important light. It’s different from up there, and you know at RBP it’s all about the light. 

We’ve been taking RBP to new heights all year long, and we’ve captured drone photography of weddings, engagements, local business offices, architecture, coastal communities, and beyond through our worldly travels. Our drone is one of our most cherished tools, but it’s also like playing with a new favorite toy. Not only are the photos that we capture so special, but the experience of taking them is so much fun. To control our camera from afar, as it rises high atop the land, is both rewarding and entertaining–making the work we create that much more gratifying!

Ready to take it to new heights with RBP? Contact us to find out what drone photography services we can provide for you.

South Mountain Company on Martha’s Vineyard

There is a great article in this weeks Gazette entitled “They Came, They Saw, They Moved in: Exploring the Vineyard’s Counterculture Roots” which talks about folks that landed on Martha’s Vineyard in the 70’s. John Abrams who started South Mountain Company at that time was one of several people mentioned in the article. 37 years later SMC, a worker owned business, still design + build beautiful homes but now offer solar and deep energy retrofits to new and existing buildings. This summer camp was retrofitted with solar energy and a wood burning stove to increase energy efficiency through out the year.

Island Housing Trust + Habitat for Humanity + Regional Housing Authority + Island Affordable rock the house!

These organizations play an important role for families of modest incomes to find an affordable solution to housing in the overpriced market on Martha’s Vineyard. Thank you for all you do.

Originally published in the Home & Garden Fall-Winter 2011-2012 edition of Martha’s Vineyard Magazine, view the article here

A New Home on Edgartown Harbor

Builder: Concept Building LLC
Subs Contractors: Brickstone Construction, A&F Concrete, Thornton Chandler Roofing, Martha’s Vineyard Plumbing & Acme Excavation

Concept Building LLC is committed to building beautifully crafted homes with the highest quality materials possible. Jeff Capello, president of Concept, started this company to not only build great houses but to build relationships as well. “100’s of companies are able to build a great house but only a few are able to build a great house while maintaining a clients excitement and enthusiasm from the first shovel to the move in day.” Capello tries to bear the burden of a builds challenges and decisions that are sometimes difficult on clients. This former house on Edgartown Harbor was a ranch with an indoor pool owed by the late Arthur Young. Before the house was tore down the flooring, wide plank Fir that was salvaged from an old ship, were pulled and installed by Habitat for Humanity for one of their a new homes on Martha’s Vineyard.

This home is a shingle style open floor plan. The Alaskan yellow cedar roof is one of the home’s most subtle features. The bleached shingles help soften the façade. The interior is covered in woodwork, coffered and beaded ceilings. There is wainscoting and paneled walls throughout. Scores of windows welcome the morning sunrise and smother the interior with light all day. The rear deck is a welcoming spot with a Gobi stone patio where several chaise lounges are waiting for your derriere to land.

South Road in Aquinnah

Design, Build and Construction: Soikkeli & Company

This house was featured in the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine – Home and Garden Winter 2010 issue.