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Wild Edibles, Part One of Three

This month I worked with Holly Bellebuono, a local herbalist, and Catherine Walthers, a local food author, on a piece for Martha’s Vineyard Magazine on wild edibles. It is the first of a three part series on foraging for food on the island. This article features yummy edibles such as mustard, dandelion, and watercress.

Vineyard honeybees

In the summer of 2008 Ali Berlow and I worked together on a piece for Martha’s Vineyard Magazine about island honeybees. The featured beekeeper, Tim Colon, is committed to producing honey that is pure and local. He keeps his harvest separated by town, so you can taste how the flora of West Tisbury is different from that of Chilmark. He also breeds his own queen bees, instead of ordering them from commercial sources, in an effort to foster strong honeybees that are adapted to our island environment. I had a great time watching Tim and his son Oscar extract the golden nectar in his honey house.